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DESMA Injection Moulding Machines for Rubber and Silicone

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for DESMA Machines in Norway and Sweden

DESMA Machines for Rubber and Silicone

DESMA produces vertical and horizontal injection moulding machines for over 70 years now. The specialist for elastomer processing ensures high quality in rubber and silicone moulded parts that are used in a variety of industries such as automotive or machine engineering and fulfil high quality standards for sealing, insulation and damping. DESMA injection moulding machines are variable in size and load varies from 50 to 4000 tons.

K.D. Feddersen is your distributor for DESMA in Norway and Sweden. We guarantee an excellent service and support. Benefit from our technical know-how but also from our financing and maintenance offer.

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for DESMA Injection Moulding Machines

DESMA Machines in Our Portfolio


This horizontal injection moulding machines can manage large quantities in production. The deflection-resistant clamping unit precisely moves platens and hydraulic lifting devices. This ensures high quality rubber and silicone parts. This model is compatible with DESMA’s mould solutions FlowControl, a cold runner system, and DesFlex, a compensating system for the production of precision articles that requires no maintenance and makes rework almost obsolete.

Popular models from the Sealmaster series:

• D 969.100 Z (S3)

• D 969.160 Z (S3)

• D 969.300 Z (S3)

• D 969.400 Z (S3)

Vertical BENCHMARK Series

This vertical injection moulding series runs by the telling name BENCHMARK for a reason. The machines from series are individually fitted to the customers’ needs. With a clamping force up to 11,000 kN, the DESMA D 968.1000 ZO B 900 has enough power for bigger parts and an injection volume of up to 22.900 cm³. The clamping unit has high stability thanks to its hydraulic setup.

Bestsellers from this series:

• BENCHMARK 968.250 ZO (S3)

• BENCHMARK 968.400 ZO (S3)

• BENCHMARK 968.700 ZO (S3)

• BENCHMARK 968.1000 ZO (S3)

Advantages of DESMA Injection Moulding Machines, BENCHMARK S3

Technical Highlight

The BENCHMARK S3 series comes in a new design, allowing for the integration of innovative technical features. The ActiveFeed technology makes feeding of larger material strips easier. As almost all the hydraulic lines are ducted maintenance is kept at a minimum. At the same time the machine precisely positions all hydraulic movements and convinces also with integrated extraction of vapours. In the following, we have summed up more advantages of the BENCHMARK S3.

Special Features from the BENCHMARK S3

• Saves energy with ServoGear hydraulics
• Visualisation on 19 inch touch-screen and an easy user design (interface)
• Accurate injection thanks to FIFO-Advanced injection unit and PlastControl technology
• Low set-up time for mould changes with the QuickLock system

Standard Series ZO – Vertical Injection Moulding

This series is suited for small to medium quantities. The clamping force ranges from 1,000 kN, 1,600 kN to 2,500 kN with the bestselling model D 968.250 ZO (S1). The fully hydraulic clamping system is energy efficient. Moreover, there are extensive automation possibilities.


Bestsellers from this series:
• D 968.250 ZO (S1)

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