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HB Therm

HB Therm Temperature Control Units

K.D. Feddersen is Your Distributor for HB Therm Temperature Control Units for Injection Moulding

HB Therm – Temperature Control Units With Swiss Precision

Steady temperature is important for the best results in injection moulding applications. Perfect surfaces and dimensions of the component result from adequate mould design and efficient and precise temperature control. Swiss manufacturer HB Therm is a tried and tested expert in the field and operates from their headquarter in St. Gallen since 1967.

Their main expertise lies in temperature controlling units for injection moulding but the company also offers switching units, flow meters and cleaning units in their portfolio. K.D. Feddersen Norden AB distributes all products from HB Therm in Sweden. Our staff is at your side with advice regarding special requirements or applications, dimensioning, use and operation, electrical and hydraulic connection or training of your staff.

K.D. Feddersen is Your Competent Partner for HB Therm

Our Products from HB Therm

Temperature Control Unit – Thermo-5

Thermo 5 units ensure low maintenance and low energy consumption with innovative technical features.

• Suitable for temperatures from 100, 140, 180, 200 and 230 °C for water.
• Oil units for 200 and 250 ° C
• Fully automatic process monitoring with a graphic analysis
• Sealless pump in stainless steel
• Ultrasonic flow measuring 
• Closed system without contact with oxygen to prevent corrosion and stress cracking. 
• Small in size and easily integrated into your production line

Do you want to a demo of HB Them Thermo 5? Contact us!

Please contact us for a demo of the HB Therm Thermo 5 units or other products from our portfolio. We are happy to provide you with a unit for a test run. Let us do a demo for your particular use and tool-specific parameter settings.


Switching Unit – Vario-5

Delivers all benefits of variothermal temperature control:

• Variothermal temperature control which also optimises surface quality and dimension of the component

• Suitable for standard applications

• Matches existing temperature control units

• Quiet operation without compressed air

• Monitoring switching to ensure good process management

Flow Meter – Flow-5

External flow meter controls circuit flow changes and temperature reliably with accurate ultrasonic technology

• Recording and analysis of data in Excel possible

• Suitable for temperatures up to 200 °C

• Wide range of flow rates from 0,4 L/min

Cleaning Unit – Clean 5

Corrosion and scale build up in cooling ducts impairs production rates and quality of components. Keep your moulds in good shape with this cleaning unit.

• Freshen up your moulds after long storage

• Little consumption of agent with maximum effect

• Efficient cleaning with automatic monitoring

• Automatic flow reversal, rinsing and draining

Advantages of HB Therm Temperature Control Units for Injection Moulding

Lifelong Warranty on Heating Elements in Thermo 5

In Thermo 5 temperature control units, the heating elements work without direct contact to the heat transferring medium, usually water, which makes them last longer than conventional heating elements. Even so, HB Therm grants a lifelong guarantee on heating elements in Thermo 5 units if there should be a malfunction.

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