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Cooling Systems from Piovan Aquatech

K.D. Feddersen is Your Distributor for Piovan Aquatech Cooling Systems

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Reliable and stable process parameters make the difference in injection moulding and blow moulding. An accurate cooling system also saves energy and reduces costs. The Piovan Group realised this early on and looks back at over years of experience in the plastics industry as an expert for mould temperature control systems and industrial cooling, marketing this division under the company name Aquatech.

Their products ensure high throughput at efficient energy consumption. Their portfolio covers air-cooled and water-cooled chillers as well as dry coolers and temperature controllers. K.D. Feddersen Norden AB is distributor for Piovan Aquatech in Sweden and Finland. We support you in simple and complex cooling systems for your production as well as financing solutions and maintenance.

Our product portfolio includes Piovan material handling products, too!

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K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for Piovan Aquatech

Product Range from Piovan Aquatech


Integrated Solutions Flexcool

Operating several machines in your production that require varying processing temperatures, flow is simple with integrated solutions from Piovan Aquatech. Their Flexcool line operates highly accurate and allows flexible energy consumption and duty at the same time. It comprises Aryacool dry cooler units and the machine-side chiller line DigitempEvo.

Air-cooled and Water-cooled Chillers

Aquatech’s air-cooled and water-cooled chillers are available with three options:

• Scroll compressors are the best option for applications with small or medium load. The possibility to fit one unit with up to six compressors makes this option highly adaptable/flexible.

• Screw compressors are suited for high loads and can be used for up to four cooling circuits at the same time.

• Inverter technology adjusts the rotation speed promptly to changes in thermal load via an electrical signal. This results in a higher coefficient of performance.


Integrated Solutions Duo Cool

Piovan’s Duo Cool is adaptive to very low external temperatures as works with the free cooling method. This method makes use of external temperatures to assist in chilling water for industrial processes. When the ambient air temperature drops to a set value, a modulating valve opens and lets out all or part of the cooled water. This ensures better energy utilisation and efficiency and ultimately saves costs for cooling.

Dry Coolers

With Aryacool, Aquatech offers a sustainable dry cooler for various industrial applications, varying in size and thermal capacities. Its electronic fans and rotation speed modulation save energy. Water consumption is reduced as the system uses water only when outdoor air temperature is high.

Temperature Controllers

Piovan Aquatech Easytherm mould temperature controllers ensure a constant temperature in all parts of the machine, like the extruder screws, the mould cavity and the calibration heads. Thereby the temperature controllers guarantee optimal production conditions.

Advantages of Piovan Aquatech Cooling Systems and Temperature Control

All-in-one Software WinFactory 4.0

The software WinFactory allows you to monitor and control the complete process in your whole production line remotely, including temperature control. It is compatible with machines from other manufacturers, for example injection moulding machines from Sumitomo Demag. Of course Piovan’s expert knowledge in machine auxiliary and production processes goes directly into developing their software.

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