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Piovan CMG

Piovan CMG Granulators for Efficient Plastics Recycling

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for Piovan CMG Granulators in the Nordic and Baltic region

Making Plastics Recycling Efficient with High-quality Regrind

There are many reasons to opt for plastics recycling. Apart from ecological reasons and waste reduction, economic interests are involved as well. With the recent increase of prices for some materials like PA 6.6 and constantly improving technology for blending virgin material with regrinds, recycled plastics materials offer a viable option for cost-reduction. But there are a few pitfalls when it comes to regrinding. As one of the worlds leading granulator manufacturers CMG has innovative solutions for all of them.

With a strong focus on product development, CMG’s granulators have a lower energy consumption and their unique cutting technology prevents interruptions due to rejects, dusts and clogged filters. They have created a wide range of grinders with rotor diameters from 170 mm up to 900 mm, with rotors, cutting chambers and knife solutions adapted for a large number of applications

With K.D. Feddersen you have a experienced partner that offers you the machines as well as consulting around the engineering plastics materials.

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for Piovan CMG granulators

Piovan CMG Granulators from Our Distribution Portfolio

G17 Series - Ø170 mm rotor

• Two rotor design available

• Fully sound enclosed

• Rotor speed 155-275 RPM

• Six standard models, over 50 versions available

• Standard screen in stainless steel

• Quick opening and easy cleaning

•  Up to 90 kg/h

SL-Series (Screen less)

• Four models for 5, 10, 15 or 20 kg/h capacity

• Designed for technical moulding applications (sprues and runners)

• Slow rotor speed (25 RPM)

• Powerful magnetic trap, integrated to the feed hopper

• Quick opening and easy cleaning

• Double-bearing shaft configuration

G25 Series - Ø250 mm rotor

• Designed for beside the press operation (injection, blow moulding and extrusion) and general purpose operation

• Fully sound enclosed

• Four standard models, over 36 versions available

• A range of discharge systems are available to meet customers requirements.

• Lateral end discs which turn with the rotor

• Quick opening and easy cleaning

•  Up to 200 kg/h

S30 Series - Ø305 mm rotor

•  One model, over 20 versions available.

•  Fully sound enclosed for low operating noise level

•  Advanced scissors cutting action, reduces energy, consumption, heat and dust generation

•  Quick opening and easy cleaning

•  Up to 340 kg/h

B40 Series - Ø419 mm or Ø457 mm rotor

• Four basic models

• Suitable for injection & blow moulding, extrusion and general purpose applications

• Tilting hopper manually operated for easier cleaning and maintenance

• Advanced scissors cutting action, reduces energy consumption, heat and dust generation

• Up to 700kg/h


N/S60 Series - Ø609 mm rotor

• Large feed opening for easy feeding

• Hydraulic operated, for easier cleaning and maintenance

• Anti-vibration mounts, eliminate special foundations

• Advanced “Twin Shear” cutting action, reduces energy consumption, heat and dust generation

• Adaptable for many different applications

• Up to 2100kg/h


Piovan CMG Granulators and Regrinders for Recycling

Technical Highlight: EVOLUTION Series

Evolution Series - Ø916 mm rotor 

•  Very robust and for heavy duty operations

•  30% reduction of power utilization

•  Blade replacement time cut to 50%

•  Longer blade life time

•  Suitable for dry or wet operation

•  Easy to replace antiwear Hardox plates for cutting chamber

•  Adjustable rotor and bed knives or disposable U&G knives available

•  Increase of capacity by 40% with feed pusher

•  Up to 5000kg/h

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