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PMEfluidtec – GIT and WIT

K.D. Feddersen is Your Distributor for PME fluidtec Gas Injection Technology and Water Injection Technology in Sweden

PME fluidtec – Expert for WIT and GIT Solutions

Modern mould designs getting more and more complex to meet the demands of the industry. Hollow components with thin walls, for example, are used in the long-runner lightweight design. Saving both weight and material and reducing warpage and cycle time is possible with fluid injection technology. The established gas injection technology (GIT) and the newer water injection technology (WIT) and combined versions (CIT) belong to this process genre. PME fluidtec is an expert in this field.

Their GIT, WIT and CIT plant technology is always up to date and meets the customers’ individual requirements. It includes everything from various pump volumes, decentralised and centralised as well as modular hardware components up to generators for on-site nitrogen production.

K.D. Feddersen Norden AB is distributor for PME fluidtec in Sweden and supplies you with the hardware components as well as extensive support for the set-up and the choice of suitable engineering plastic compounds.

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for PME fluidtec

Gas Injection vs. Water Injection Technology

Fluid Injection Technology – Which Fluid to Use?

Generally, we can say: The choice of fluid depends largely on the component requirements, mould design as well as quantity of production. But of course, the two techniques GIT and WIT do have typical application areas:

Gas injection technology it the more established process that uses nitrogen to hollow out components. Its advantages are:

• Compensation of shrinkage effects

• Able to blow out smaller cross sections in the mould

• Compensates melt accumulations

• Works with small injectors

Water injection technology is a more recent innovation. It’s advantages are:

• Ensures a smooth surface quality even for non-reinforced engineering plastics

• Able to blow out bigger crosscuts and longer channels in the mould

• Reducing wall thickness and warpage

• Shorter cycle times

• No fluid costs

GIT and WIT components from PME fluidtec From Our Portfolio

Gas Injection Technology (GIT)

Valve N2 Compact system for installation at mould clamping plate and decentralised pressure generation

Cube N2 Stand-alone system with valves, booster and optional hydraulic function, with switching function

Cuboid N2 Similar to CUBE N2 but installed directly at the injection moulding machine, leads to less negative effects of gas compression

N2 Generator For producing nitrogen on-site

N2 High Pressure Compressor For central pressure production

Water Injection Technology (WIT) Series

• Cube Master / Slave Basic cube Master and additional Slave extension for parallel running operation. Both with 17 l/min flow volume.

• Cube Hydraulic Modular power unit with 4 to 16 hydraulic functions. Compatible with cube MASTER, cube N2 and cuboid N2.

• Cube Water Tank For recycling and recirculation process water

• Cuboid Master For 1 – 4 pump units, servo pumps can operated individually or connected

• Cuboid Water Tank Combination of Cube Water Tank and Cube Hydraulic in one module

Combined Injection Technology and More

Combined injection technology is used when components and mould designs exceed what is possible with GIT and WIT. It is available together with injectors and automation solutions from PME fluidtec.

Please talk to us of you want to know more.

Looking for GIT or WIT Optimised Plastic Compounds?

Plastic compounds that are used in GIT and WIT need to have strict production tolerances and a stable process. A lower recrystallisation point of the material results in better component quality but should not affect crystallinity negatively.

We help you choose a suitable GIT and WIT optimised grade for your application from our engineering plastics portfolio.