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Rapid Granulators for Efficient Plastics Recycling

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for Rapid Granulators in Sweden and Finland

Making Plastics Recycling Efficient with High-quality Regrind

There are many reasons to opt for plastics recycling. Apart from ecological reasons and waste reduction, economic interests are involved as well. With the recent increase of prices for some materials like PA 6.6 and constantly improving technology for blending virgin material with regrinds, recycled plastics materials offer a viable option for cost-reduction. But there are a few pitfalls when it comes to regrinding. As world leader in granulation Rapid Granulator AB has found solutions for them.

To make the process cost-effective, Rapid’s granulators have a low energy consumption and their unique cutting technology prevents interruptions due to rejects, dusts and clogged filters. The open cutterhouse design makes cleaning and maintenance easier and quicker. Changeovers between different plastic materials are more efficient.

With K.D. Feddersen you have a experienced partner that offers you the machines as well as consulting around the engineering plastics materials.

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for Rapid Granulator AB

Rapid Granulators from Our Distribution Portfolio

Slow Speed Granulators – RG Series

• Processes up to 50 kg/h

• For hard and brittle materials

• Metal detection technology integrated

• Operates with little dust and noise thanks to low speed


• Processes up to 70 kg/h

• Customisable: Size, capacity, optional hoppers, infeed and vacuum discharge

• Besides-the-press and under-the-press models for any injection moulding machine


• Suitable for rejects and waste from blow and injection moulding

• High throughput up to 200 kg/h

• Handles bottles and containers

• Comes in four sizes with different cutterhouse openings, rotor types and speeds and discharge systems


• Highlight: Open-Hearted Engineering Concept: cutterhouse easily accessible

• Changeovers between materials very fast

• Up to 900 kg/h for 400-Series and 500 kg/h for 300-Series


• Highlight: Open-Hearted Engineering Concept (see above)

• Highest throughput with to 1200 kg/h for 500-Series and 4.000 kg/h for 600-Series

• Covers injection, blow, extrusion moulding

Rapid Granulators and Regrinders, Rapid Recycling

Technical Highlight: RAPTOR Shredder

True to its name, Rapid’s RAPTOR shredder uses very sharp knives with four true cutting edges per knife. The patented QuadCUT design means all knives are fixed in a single unit. The cutter house withstands even impacts from metal that might accidentally enter it thanks to a shock absorber. These shredders are suitable for all plastic materials. Different pushers are available depending on the material, the hydraulic PowerPUSH for heavy weight, pneumatic TopPUSH for light weight and pneumatic FlexiPUSH as standard

Engineering Plastics for Injection Moulding

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