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Robots and Automation Components from Wemo

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for Wemo robots and automation components in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania

Wemo Automation – Flexible and Innovative Automation Solutions

Wemo Automation specialises in robots and automation components for the plastics industry. The full-range supplier develops and produces the equipment in their headquarter in Värnamo, Sweden. Wemo and K.D. Feddersen Norden AB are not only connected by their proximity but also by our long-standing partnership.

Wemo’s robot, griper and conveyor systems are applicable to all standard injection moulding machines and ensure efficient and easy handling of products. Their focus on user-friendliness shows in the modular, flexible systems and in solutions like Wemo Connect, an app that lets you monitor production remotely at any time. K.D. Feddersen is your distributor for Wemo’s products and we guarantee an excellent service and support with financing and maintenance.

K.D. Feddersen is Your Partner for Wemo Automation

Automation Components from Wemo

Robot Systems

Wemo have one of the widest range of robots in the market. These can handle injection moulding machines between 25 and 3,500 tonnes. They are available in: swing arm, top and side entry versions.

They are divided into 5 different groups:

Sprue pickers: Robots for sprues and small part handling. Payload: 1.0 - 2.3 kg

eDesign robots: Cost effective robot range designed for pick and place applications and smaller automation solutions. Payload: 4 - 15 kg

xDesign robots: Flexible robot range for advanced automation with high precision. Payload: 3 - 18 kg

xLine robots: Flexible robot range for high payloads and advanced automation with high precision. Designed for handling and rotating of large parts. Payload: 18 - 100 kg

sDesign robots: Very fast and reliable robots for short cycle times. Designed for fast running production. Available in both side and top entry versions. Payload: 3 - 5 and 5 kg


All these robots are controlled by the user-friendly software: WIPS Plastic

Grip System

Conveyor System

Advantages of Wemo Automation Components and Robots

Wemo Application & Systems – Turn-key Solutions

Wemo Connect

Wemo has not only a lot of experience in automation systems for the plastics industry but is also constantly improving and further developing their products. All their systems are compatible with the app Wemo Connect that allows you to control robot cells remotely on your smartphone or tablet. You can also add this system on other robot brands.

Checking the status of machines and robot cells as well as monitoring product status is possible at any time. Timely warnings and alarms help you reduce downtimes or even prevent them altogether. The app is available for Android or Apple.

More Information

Automation Factory - Highest Level of Quality

The modern automation factory by Wemo is staffed by engineers with the ambition of continuously achieving new levels of user friendliness and flexibility. The range of modern machines ensures production of precision parts to the highest level of quality. This results in innovative solutions from the modular platforms to provide customers with turn-key solutions.

With an experience of more than 30 years in the plastic automation and more than 10 000 automations Wemo have the knowledge to evaluate the right solution for your specific project or complete production.

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